Just Doing It

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. - Mitchell Kapor

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  “Information overload” (also known as infobesity or infoxication) is a term popularized by Alvin Toffler in his bestselling 1970 book Future Shock. It refers to the difficulty a person can have understanding an issue and making decisions that can be caused by the presence of too much information.

Blogging is like everything else in this world. The more you try to read and learn about it, the more intimidating and overwhelming it can be (especially if you’re just starting out like I am). There are endless articles about plugins, widgets, stats, spam, ads, CSS, monetization, HTML, and search engine optimization, and so many other things I’ve never heard of.  Then, of course, there’s social media, knowing your audience, shareability, finding a niche, finding your voice, photography and editing, and graphic design.  The amount of information is astounding.  It’s the kind of thing that always manages to put a big, fat knot in my stomach.

I’ve decided to forge ahead despite the fact I know nearly nothing about nearly everything blog related. This will be a learn as I go adventure. I know my way around a keyboard and I’m fairly competent when it comes to communicating with other humans, so that’s going to be good enough for now. Plus, I DO know who my audience is. It’s my mom.

Hi, Mom!

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