Giant Goat friend of Hutch

Gort is a giant goat that believes himself to be a fantastic soup chef. In reality his soup is just salt water.

On Phatax Alpha, Gort is in a loving and supportive friendship with an orc named Hutch. Together, they live in the cave system beneath Odem castle. Gort used to be a politician, and he met Hutch when he hired him to assassinate the then-Goat King Wynden Den. Recently, Phatax Beta Hutch moved in to their home, and though the three are still confused, they're trying their best to make the living situation work.

On Phatax Beta, Gort was abusive towards his partner, Hutch. Roberto, Rolen and Thoradin aided Hutch in fighting off Gort, and Hutch made it clear he wanted a separation. Phatax Beta Gort ran off, and his current whereabouts are unknown.