Secret Galacks of Capital Punishment

Thaxal was born on the planet Gleck IX, home to the species of galacks. Civilization is advanced there, flying cars, laser cannons, et cetera. In addition to all this, his species is aware of dimensions beyond their own; the twin dimensions of Phatax Alpha and Phatax Beta. These two dimensions are barbaric when compared to his own, and it's been decided not to mess with them until they're more advanced. As such, travel to these dimensions is a class-1 crime, punishable by death.

His brother, S'travelastra, was always quite the rebel. After a horrendous mix-up, he killed a person on the street when that person attempted to mug him. S'travelastra was sentenced to death. Through cunning and brute strength S'travelastra broke outside of the prison where he was being held for death row and opened a portal to escape. He let Thaxal know in a note he was travelling to Phatax Beta, pursuing his dreams of being a part of the circus.

Thaxal followed him to Phatax Beta, hoping to bring him home safely. Once in this new place, it was clear his appearance would be suspicious to the locals. Through magic, he changed his appearance to be that of a tiefling. Luckily, tieflings don't look much different from galacks, the main difference being they have two eyes while a galacks only has one.

While there, he found the city of Lockseed, a city of commerce and prosperity. Every night the convicted criminals would face each other for a fight to the death in the pit in the center of the city. Thaxal, unaware of the local laws of Lockseed, committed a crime soon after his arrival in Lockseed.

Thaxal was set to battle one night, when a group of three came and took him. He now fights with Capital Punishment, and works under Garlant.